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Social Marketing Goes Mainstream

Most will agree that 2010 was a landmark year in the marketing industry as social media went mainstream. While ad agencies, digital media, public relations, and big corporate America represented the first wave of early adopters beginning in 2009, the trend toward social media marketing picked up speed in 2010 when small business owners climbed aboard the social juggernaut en masse.

The challenge for small business owners, who tend to manage their own marketing, is finding the time and know-how to create social accounts, populate them with well-written original content, and comprehend all of the subtle nuances of effective social media strategy. For most, it presents a significant mountain to climb.

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Track Social Media Campaign with Excel

Track Social Media Campaigns from Inside Microsoft Excel

Social media monitoring company RowFeeder has launched an analytics solution that gives marketers and brands the ability to monitor and measure social media data from inside Microsoft Excel.

“The reports are designed to appeal to marketers managing and tracking multiple campaigns.”

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Getting Noticed Using Social Media

by Stephanie Neunuebel I participated in a webinar yesterday called Generating Global Buzz, given mostly by David Meerman Scott. On the whole I enjoyed the content of the webinar, and…

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Social Media About More Than Selling

by Mike Hallaron SM Marketer Matt Heinze writes: “But this (social media) isn’t an opportunity for selling. It’s an opportunity to engage and become part of the community – add value,…

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Starting Fresh with Social Media

by Stephanie Neunuebel I’ve just started reading The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott.  While I’ve been out of PR for a little over three years…

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