The Hallaron Advertising Agency located in The Woodlands, Texas is managing social media marketing and PR for owner Eric Goldner’s new French casual concept Allô French Rotisserie. Due to open its doors at the first location this October, the new restaurant is well situated in bustling Vintage Park in northwest Houston near Willowbrook Mall and the HP main campus on Highway 249.

Visit the website at or read the official opening press release. Below are some pre-opening photos of the last phases of construction from Saturday, October 5, 2013.

 Allô French Rotisserie

Allô French Rotisserie opens in Vintage Park in northwest Houston this October.

private label wines on tap at Allô French Rotisserie Houston TX

Private label house wines on tap in addition to a full bar at Allô French Rotisserie.

Allô French Rotisserie restaurant interior

An interior of Allô French Rotisserie under construction.

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Common Press Release Mistakes

September 13 , 2013 | | In: Public Relations

Since your news release is competing with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of other companies and organizations that are all vying for a reader’s attention, it’s best to make sure that your release is strong and free of mistakes. Remember, you won’t get a second chance to correct the negative impressions left by a poorly written release.

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Red Tiger Security Teaser Video

August 1 , 2013 | | In: Advertising, Video, TV, Broadcast

Red Tiger Security – Online SCADA Training – Teaser

Video we produced in-house for global cyber-security client – Red Tiger Security in July, 2013. We are now editing video for the full 30+ hour online SCADA training course.

Director: Ken Walton
Camera: Ted Hallaron
Sound: Ted Hallaron
DLSR Photography & Grip: Marshall Bishop
Creative Director: Ken Walton
Account Executive: Mike Hallaron
Agency: Hallaron Advertising Agency

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6 Reasons Why You Must Use Email Marketing

July 14 , 2013 | | In: Marketing

email marketingWe believe that sometimes the old ways are still the best. That’s the case with low cost, high reward email marketing. Email is the most important app of the Web age and it is still one of the least expensive ways to reach and persuade your audience using a delivery medium that is interwoven into our daily lives. Email never sleeps. We are always checking incoming messages on our computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Your company must learn how to use this powerful cost-effective platform in your marketing mix. Here’s why.

Acquisition: Customers acquired with email marketing are loyal and responsive. Use every channel to acquire email addresses so you can connect on a 1-to-1 basis.

Retention: Email is the best channel for speaking directly to your customers because it is personal and economical. Use it to inform, promote, and show that you value their business.

Sales: Email customers want to know about your company and products. Rollout new products and remember email marketing when launching your new ad campaign. Include informational messages along with promotions to encourage sales.

Conversion: Email blasts that link to a custom landing page or a video can create higher conversion rates that just using an email blast alone. With less than three clicks you can let your landing page or video persuade customers to buy or take the action you desire.

Service: Emails allow your company to economically send personal messages to customers. Anticipate needs to simplify buying decisions and share the information via email.

Integration: Encouraging people to share information about your company across channels is easy with email. Make the process simple and your marketing reach will grow exponentially.