“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative” -legendary ad man David Ogilvy

Collaboration the Key to Choosing Ad Agency

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Expert Blogger Ty Montague writes¬† When Choosing An Ad Agency, Don’t Consider Size; Consider Collaboration http://www.fastcompany.com/1774758/when-choosing-an-ad-agency-dont-consider-size-consider-collaboration in Fast Company Magazine – @fastcompany magazine on Twitter. _____________________________________________________ My thoughts… Clients are…

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The Basics: Twitter terms and definitions

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The Twitter world is a community with its own language. As a result, you may encounter a variety of terms you may not yet be familiar with, as some of these terms were coined by the users themselves. Cool, huh?

What is a Tweet, anyway?

Any post on Twitter is considered a Tweet, whether a post, reply, link, or a location-update (more on this later). Tweets have a maximum of 140 characters (due to SMS/mobile constraints) and are typically shown along with the username of the individual who wrote it.

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Social Media About Trust, not ROI

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by Mike Hallaron

Even when confronted with the inevitable truth that social media have forever changed the marketing landscape for business (it is all round you like the Matrix), I occasionally get confronted by old-school corporate wonks who think they have cornered me with their “gotcha” hook. After we discuss the marketing, and especially public relations value of social media, and services that we can manage for their company, I get the zinger from this guy straight from an episode of “The Office”.

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