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Write an Optimized Press Release

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“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.” – Bill Gates

In an ever-growing digital world, we are always connected. The rise of social media alone has drastically changed the landscape of how people, and brands communicate. So what does this mean for the field of public relations? One of the largest advantages of the digital era is the ability to utilize press releases more than ever before. Using carefully chosen keywords and social media links, each press release issued can be a catalyst for growth. So how do we go about writing an optimized press release? And what are the real advantages?

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Social Marketing Goes Mainstream

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Most will agree that 2010 was a landmark year in the marketing industry as social media went mainstream. While ad agencies, digital media, public relations, and big corporate America represented the first wave of early adopters beginning in 2009, the trend toward social media marketing picked up speed in 2010 when small business owners climbed aboard the social juggernaut en masse.

The challenge for small business owners, who tend to manage their own marketing, is finding the time and know-how to create social accounts, populate them with well-written original content, and comprehend all of the subtle nuances of effective social media strategy. For most, it presents a significant mountain to climb.

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