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Report website changes or hosting issues

For a fast, accurate response to your website maintenance updates or hosting issues, please complete the support form on this page. Please be sure to include specific details. Advertising and website clients may also contact their account executive for website and other creative updates by calling (281) 299-0538, extension 202.

For web hosting and business email interruptions or other issues, please use the form shown on this page.

We do not offer 24/7 technical, IT, or software support, but our support team will investigate your support issue and respond as quickly as possible.

Please fill out the form completely and accurately.

Diagnosing a service interruption

If your email stops sending and receiving properly or you receive error messages, or your website appears to be down, please follow these steps before submitting a support form.

  1. Login to your cPanel and check your Diskspace Usage and Monthly Bandwidth Usage.
  2. Note any POP mail accounts that may be exceeding their individual account quota. Even one account over quota can disrupt your other email accounts.
  3. Verify whether your website is up or temporarily down.
  4. If your website appears down and your email is not working, your IP address might be temporarily blocked. Our servers are very sensitive to spam, viruses and security threats. If it suspects a threat, it might block your IP from our server as a precaution. This is easy for us to unblock once we can check your IP on the server block list. We block hundreds of legitimate threats each day.

When you send us a support form, please give us complete details. If possible, please email us screenshots or samples of the errors you are experiencing so we may help you faster. support@hallaronadvertising.com

Support Request Form

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