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Does Your Company Need a Mobile App?

Does your company need a mobile appMobile applications are one of the best ways to keep your customers engaged with your brand or product. However, mobile apps may not be necessary for every business.   Understand that a mobile-friendly website is NOT the same thing as a mobile app. Your brand could be missing out on new business leads.

How do you decide?

First ask yourself, “Is there a business problem that can be solved by having a mobile app available to customers?”

Your mobile app must be a piece of your overall mobile marketing and advertising strategy to be successful. A mobile app is another method for connecting with customers and potential customers, and needs to be different and innovative.  You want to ensure that once it is built, that people will want to download and use the app more than once.

We hear clients ask if they have a responsive website, do they really need a mobile app.   Customers that access your business through your website could potentially connect with you through their smartphones or other hand-held device.  The app can continue to keep them engaged and keep them coming back to your business.  An app can enhance your brand value or allow customers to perform tasks quickly and on the go.

Challenges with mobile apps

There are over 1 million apps in both Android and iOS available which makes getting found difficult. Marketing both your app and brand is time consuming. Developing an app for your business can add value to the overall marketing strategy for your company, but it does require your time and commitment to succeed, for it to become popular and get downloaded and used more than once.

An app cannot consist solely of an overview of products or services.  It must have a clear function and contain dynamic content to keep the user returning to the app.

Mobile app content must be refreshed and new content developed constantly in order to attract more customers and hold the user’s attention.

When it’s a good idea to have a mobile app

  • Is there some functionality that is not available on the web site? Many smartphones limit access to website features which can be built in a mobile app. Mobile apps can give you more control with features such as push notifications.
  • Mobile friendly websites can cache content for speedier response, but they may not be as responsive or quick as a mobile app. So when speed is crucial, a mobile app may be your answer.
  • Look at your target audience and determine the percentages that use smartphones. Would they actually bother to download your mobile app?
  • You can reach more customers. New customers can find you through a generic search and integrating major social networks with your app.
  • You can use your mobile app as a promotional tool. Showcase your products and services with the app. Keep updating the app to feature different new products as they become available. Offering interesting suggestions and discounts encourages users to visit more often and spread the word about your app.
  • People spend more time in apps than on browsers and websites due to convenience. They can access your information when and where they want without needing to log into a computer.
  • Mobile apps are easier to access on devices and can help streamline marketing strategies such as single-platform mobile payments.

Making your decision – tasks versus delivering content

Generally speaking, if you are trying to assist users in completing tasks, then a mobile app may be your answer. If you are primarily delivering content, then your mobile-friendly website is the way to go.

Developing a mobile app is a great decision if you are convinced that your app has enough potential to succeed in the market and that it will pull in the maximum number of customers to your business. Your customers can reach your business without needing a computer and search the internet to find you. Mobile activity is poised to overtake desktop/laptop activity in the very near future, so mobile is at something of a tipping point.

So, what can an app do for your business?

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