“If you have to fear something, fear mediocrity.” ~ Alex Bogusky

Advertising Agency Serving Katy, Texas

Located in The Woodlands, TX, just 30-minutes north of Katy, since 2003, Hallaron Advertising Agency is a full-service advertising agency focused on branding, advertising, digital and web site development. The agency manages brands and advertising campaigns for large global clients in energy and manufacturing as well as regional and local clients in areas such as healthcare, hospitality and real estate.

Hallaron Advertising Agency is equipped with tremendous business and strategic experience that helps your company plan and execute long and short-term advertising campaigns, new product promotions and rollouts, and branding or re-branding projects. See our complete advertising services here.

Our Agency Method

With an indomitable strategic team available to work for you, the Hallaron Advertising Agency uses proven business experience, research and insights to build your new strategy. Then our creative team from coast to coast will design concepts and campaigns that align with your company’s vision. We will shape your new message and deliver it using the latest media and technology, including the Web, social media, mobile and video. To the right, view several samples of our high-quality and effective marketing solutions for our Katy, Texas clients.





Branding, Marketing and Advertising

A successful strategy begins with effective branding. Whether it’s a fully integrated advertising campaign, a new logo, corporate marketing collateral, a Web video or print ad – everything flows from the brand strategy and identity. It expresses who you really are, what you value and what you believe. Ultimately, your brand is why they decide to buy from you.

At Hallaron Advertising Agency, we help you concentrate and formalize your brand so it is the concrete foundation for all other marketing-communications to follow.

We specialize in building effective B2B and B2C advertising campaigns that are delivered to the right audience via the correct media. We then craft your focused message that defines your brand. These often use emotion to make an unforgettable and positive impression on your buyers and prospects. In a local and wider world filled with clutter and distraction, your ad message must differentiate and stand apart.

To the right, view several samples of our high-quality and effective marketing solutions for our Katy, Texas clients.

Our Beliefs

Advertising is omnipresent.

It is evolving as the web, mobile and social media explode. The first challenge is to cut through the clutter and get noticed. Get remembered. Get talked about.

Then get the sale.

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