“If you have to fear something, fear mediocrity.” ~ Alex Bogusky

Commercials & Video Production

Video is firmly embedded across today’s marketing media, whether Web, pay-per-click, social media or mobile. Nothing communicates your message faster or makes a deeper impression than the motion, sound and color of video and film.

Among advertising media TV, tablet and mobile screens still deliver the best content. Consumers watching habits have changed but broadcast and cable TV networks and streaming services pack the highest quality content. The customer’s overall perception of your brand is also elevated with TV/digital commercials. Hallaron can build your strategy and craft and produce your commercial or video campaign.

TV Everywhere Strategy

To borrow a phrase from our friends at Comcast Spotlight, TV content thrives across all screen formats today – TV, streaming, Web, social media and mobile. People watch your commercials through multiple channels. A powerhouse media plan combines TV and digital display to deliver your message to the perfect target audience, and Hallaron offers complete media planning services to match your campaign with the media your target audience uses daily.

The Benefits of TV/Video
  • The ability to associate emotion or personality with brands
  • Most effective method for communicating your message
  • Creates strong perception of brand
  • Increased results in sales and new accounts
  • Use across multiple platforms
  • Better advertising ROI vs other media
Hallaron Agency Services
  • TV commercial or video strategy and planning, conceptualization, estimating
  • Scripting, location scouting casting strategy, scripting and storyboards
  • Complete video production and post
  • Media planning and schedules, media buying and placement
  • Campaign measurement

Industrial / Oil & Gas Demo Reel

Healthcare & Medical Demo Reel