“If you have to fear something, fear mediocrity.” ~ Alex Bogusky

Ignite Program

Ignite Brand Marketing

Ignite Program

“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”

~ David Ogilvy

You look to us for great ideas, ideas that will change minds and sell your products. However, great ideas don’t just happen; they come from research, insights and a good marketing strategy. As your agency, we have to develop a deep and profound understanding of your company to produce great ideas. That’s where Ignite comes in.

Ignite is our customized discovery program that kicks off with a workshop hosted by the agency strategy team for you and key members of your team. Following our structured process, our moderator leads a deep dive into all aspects of your current brand, sales, marketing and advertising, analyzing all sides of your past and current marketing communications and advertising. It is a very raw, transparent and critical process. Through Ignite we can cast a spotlight on your most pressing problems and their root causes.

Ignite also includes rigorous research, market and target analysis, key stakeholder interviews, employee and customer surveys, facility tours, product demonstrations, training and the Ignite workshop to uncover marketing challenges and set clear new business goals.

The Ignite Process

Ignite - Brand Insights
Ignite - Brand Strategy Development
Ignite - Creative

Ignite workshop topics include

  1. Diagnosing problems, marketing challenges and identifying your goals
  2. The current state of the brand, positioning and differentiation
  3. Management, marketing and how decisions are made
  4. Brand Positioning: Your sales method or how you sell and market your products and services
  5. Defining your ideal prospect
  6. Diagnosing the pain of prospects and customers
  7. Competitive and market analysis
  8. State your claims
  9. Analyzing your marketing strategy

What can you expect from Ignite

The Ignite program ensures that we understand your organization so we can shape your new strategy. It can be customized, condensed or expanded to suit your needs. The workshop can be tailored for 2 hours, half-day or full-day sessions. At the end of the process we will have a blueprint for your marketing success.

Why you should use Ignite

Clients have many different needs. Here are some of the reasons a client should consider Ignite with the Hallaron Agency.

  • Need a new marketing strategy
  • Launching a new startup brand
  • Time for a re-brand to freshen up and expand
  • Want a new advertising campaign
  • Preparing a product launch/Go-to-Market (GTM) campaign
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What Clients Say

“Ignite forced us to rethink our organization. Hallaron had the expertise and guidance to move through the rebrand process efficiently and effectively .

Our new brand elicits both interest and trust. Hallaron also utilized redefined our identity helping us focus our entire marketing strategy. We saw our donations increase immediately. We drew new volunteers and easily communicated our brand value for the first time.

Hallaron Agency made a very intimidating and overwhelming process fun, exciting and hugely successful. Working with Hallaron was a game changer.”

~ Allison Hulett, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels Montgomery County