“If you have to fear something, fear mediocrity.” ~ Alex Bogusky

Email Marketing

Talk is cheap. But even cheap talk can be an effective communications vehicle.

Email Marketing with Hallaron Advertising

Economically, quickly and conveniently communicate with your target audiences.

Email Marketing can generally be broken down into two forms – marketing your existing client list or targeting new prospects. Hallaron Advertising Agency excels at helping our clients do both. We believe in the power of email marketing due to the impact it can make verse time, effort and money spent doing it. Next to search engine optimization, we find it one of the most cost-effective marketing activities a business can perform.

Yes, eNewsletters are still effective

The most common email marketing we help our clients with is development and creation of a monthly/quarterly eNewsletter program. While eNewsletter’s have been around for a good decade or two…and even with newer channels like social media quickly on the rise…eNewsletters remain a very effective means of communicating with current customers and prospects. Many users today are overwhelmed by the information overload coming from all the tradition and social channels combined and often opt to simply switch it all off. Newsletters offer a regularly timed, condensed medium for informing your users what is new, what is coming, and other industry-related pieces of information. And if one so chooses, typically near all newsletter content can then be leveraged to supplement other communication avenues, such as social media.

Don’t forget about the small touches

Developing another program allowing for sending out regular smaller communications, like news bulletins and alerts, and in some cases immediate time-sensitive information, is another common email marketing program that Hallaron Advertising Agency helps our clients set up and execute. Having a chosen email application set up, ready, and easy to use for all levels of marketing support users, is key for email success in today’s fast paced and dynamic business environment.

Get proactive about your email marketing

Don’t just wait for users to come to your site and sign up for newsletter, go seek out these users. If you have not tried before, be assured that email list services can provide email lists that produce qualified leads. Hallaron Advertising Agency has years of experience locating and securing targeted email lists and then effectively marketing to these prospects. Email design and layout, top-level messaging and body content development, contact submission processing and subsequent tracking and reporting are all part of our comprehensive proactive email marketing program.

Bring it all together – let Hallaron help.

Key to a successful email marketing program, we help our clients by:

  • email marketing strategy development, resources allocation, budgeting, etc.
  • email application set up
  • email list procurement
  • email list segmentation and demographic targeting
  • compelling content and graphic development to ensure readership interest
  • using both email application and Google Analytics tracking of success and usage data
  • ongoing list clean-up and email response monitoring

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