“If you have to fear something, fear mediocrity.” ~ Alex Bogusky


Building an immediate search presence and a long-term lead funnel

Pay Per Click

Let’s start at the top – what is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

In short, PPC is a type of internet ad delivery whereby you only pay for each time a user clicks on one of your ads – with the bonus being that mere impressions (ad views but no click) are free exposure to your brand. By far the most common PPC channel on the net today is Google AdWords. Google typically shows PPC ads on both the top of search results and down the right side. While Google is the most widely used PPC ad network, there are many other PPC networks which can be fruitful for businesses to use – Bing, Yahoo, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, to name a few.

Will PPC Work for You?

With over a decade of experience utilizing PPC, Hallaron Advertising Agency, located in The Woodlands Texas, has noted that PPC is not for every business. Before launching any PPC effort, our PPC experts work with our clients to assess whether PPC is an appropriate marketing avenue to pursue. This process typically includes understanding the campaign goals, addressing any current search engine optimization SEO efforts, understanding the challenges and pains the target audience has, assessing where ads might take users (e.g. to the website or specific landing pages), what ads might be promoting (e.g. special offers, downloads, calls-to-action), what key phrases the PPC might be targeting (e.g. business popularity, potential costs-per-click), return-on-investment factors (e.g. products/services costs, available marketing budget) and more. Understanding these elements upfront allows us to have far better insight into whether PPC will be an effective marketing channel for particular businesses.

Design + Content + Calls-to-Action + Tracking = PPC Success

In order to help ensure a successful PPC campaign, we find there are four keys to success – a well-designed website, focused content, compelling calls-to-action and thoughtful tracking mechanics.

Landing Pages
When a user clicks from a PPC ad over to your website, they will immediately begin forming an opinion of your brand before reading anything. Broken images, glaring typos, an outdated copyright date, unprofessional page layout and/or formatting, are just a few examples of website elements that can be quickly noticed and can cause the visitor to begin devaluing the company’s brand. For this reason, Hallaron Advertising Agency’s Pay-Per-Click experts closely evaluate the overall effectiveness of the site and landing page designs that users will be taken to – making alteration suggestions to existing pages and/or working with our clients to develop new page templates that will maximize effectiveness.

The next part of the PPC success equation is to ensure that content is focused – both ad content and landing page content. PPC accounts typically allow one to create very deep-level ad groups which give the ability to write ads for and target very specific keyphrases. Creating specific and focused ads almost always leads to attracting more qualified clicks (visits). And once a user is on the website, it is critical to know what tasks users are there to achieve and then presenting them with focused content addressing the information they are looking for.

Call-to-Action & Conversion
Recent studies indicate that both business-to-business and consumer websites on average convince just two to three percent of their visitors to take action. This likely means that some 97 percent of website visitors don’t spend enough time to understand the value proposition a company means to convey. As a result, 97 percent of site visitors leave without accomplishing their goals – or yours. Creating compelling calls-to-action is the key to motivating users to take the next step in the sales funnel – making contact.

Tracking & Reporting
The final part in the PPC success equation is tracking and reporting. All too often, we see PPC money flying out the door with no return-on-investment metrics to apply to it. At minimum, Hallaron Advertising Agency will set up tracking for our clients that tracks content form submissions – but that is just the start, as there is often more value than just the submitted lead. Return visits, remarketing clicks, phone calls, visits to other pages within the website, are all key metrics which PPC should get the credit for, which is why we set up tracking to do so accordingly.

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