“If you have to fear something, fear mediocrity.” ~ Alex Bogusky

Social Media

It is time for you to dive in and take your marketing social

Social media has quickly revolutionized the world, including the business community. Now your company can reach consumers in a new, direct way. Social media has become essential to many businesses and many more will follow to reap the rewards. The Woodlands based Hallaron Advertising provides comprehensive, in-house social media management, allowing you to effectively utilize all the social media channels appropriate for your business.

  • No headache of managing multiple social media channels. We’ve got it covered!
  • Your company will be found in the top social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.
  • We develop rich content to grow your audience and interest in your business — company news, photos, specials, promotions, even video.
  • Build an online social following of customers, friends, fans and industry partners.
  • Weekly briefs with our team to analyze your audience, trends, messages and industry.
  • We respond quickly and professionally to all follower and customer questions and complaints keeping your company engaged with the community the right way!
  • Provide faster, better customer service.
How It Works

Hallaron Advertising will develop your unique social media strategy – a plan that meets your brand’s marketing and communications goals. We will decide which top social media sites will work best for you. Then our team will work with you to create rich, informative content of interest to your audience. We manage your social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube each day so your staff can focus on what they do best.

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